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As there are no walls separating diners from chefs, interaction with the kitchen team throughout the meal is not only welcome, it is encouraged.  The cuisine at EL is about as adventurous as the setting is unusual. Given the direct line with the audience, the small culinary team is able to give their own descriptions as to how their creations take form through inspirations, stories, and even guest interaction. Culinary ideas are crafted with a modern sensibility that expresses the experience, palate, humor, and honest approach of chef/owner Phillip Foss (Quilted Giraffe, Le Cirque, Lockwood). Through this direct line, a relationship is forged between diner and chef that inherently goes deeper than thought possible in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Part dinner party, part performance, and all restaurant, EL Ideas is introducing the world to a new genre of fine dining.

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What makes this business unique? A New Genre of Fine Dining


2419 W 14th St
Chicago, Illinois 60608
United States

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We offer dinner service Tuesday - Thursday at 7 pm and Friday - Saturday at 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm

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